Although people visit our resort with the initial idea to go sightseeing in and around Munnar, we are proud to say that once with us, our guests prefer to spend their time in our property itself which is a fun-filled package in itself. The following are a few things to do at the resort.



Mountain streams & Natural Swimming Pool
One can go for a walk along the banks of the streams which winds through our vast property enjoying the flora and fauna of the terrain and take a dip in the natural pool which is completely safe. Children, youngsters and the aged alike have a fun-filled frolicking time in the water. If you are an expert swimmer, the brook is all yours for an invigorating swim all along. Don't forget to carry your swimming gear while packing your bags!

We have multiple trekking routes to cater to different types of guests. If you are someone who would just like to get a hang of a small trekking experience, we can arrange that for you. But if you are game for a long trek, you have plenty of choices. But the highlight is an enchanting trekking route through the streams which you may not experience elsewhere. The landscape is so bewitching that you may not cease capturing each inch of it on your cameras. Don't blame us in the end that we didn't remind you to carry extra memory cards!!!!!!!!

Terrain Jeep Ride
The terrain Jeep ride is an experience more exhilarating than a roller coaster ride. A ride spanning only 4.5 kilomertres might take more time than you might expect because the road is only namesake! The adrenaline rush is something to be experienced first-hand! Have you ever been to a desert safari? Well, this is a mountain version of it and as in the desert safari you will be marvelling at the dexterity of the driver long after the drive.
Camping in the Woods
If you are in for hard-core adventure, then try our facilities for camping in the woods. We can arrange all the camping gear for you. But don't think you will be all alone out there, because you have company! The crickets will arrange a symphony for you with the assistance of the murmuring woods, gurgling streams and the occasional tweeting of the nocturnal birds. You can fall asleep peacefully and wake up to the cheerful chirping of the early birds. One can have a literally fresh start for the day by taking a plunge into the refreshing streams. This is the experience of a lifetime one shouldn't miss.
Plantation Tour
We will be delighted to give you a plantation tour as Forest Haven rests amidst a plantation of 99 acres. We have exotic spices like Cardamom, Pepper, Coffee and a variety of medicinal plants and other crops. The work at the plantation goes on throughout the year which makes it possible for us to give you an opportunity to even pluck the cardamom and pepper along with our workers and see the processing procedures of these spices. Take home a piece of our resort in the form of these spices freshly packed and availed at our spice shop.





A bicycle ride through the winding roads to Mankulam is a refreshing experience as all along you cycle through the roads that run parallel to the streams and across small bridges built over rivulets. One gets to see the lifestyle of the local people, the small markets, temples and churches along the route.




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